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Frequently Asked Questions, Home / New Members
Q: I'm thinking of coming along to Rehearse with you for the first time, can I just 'turn up'?
A: yes, just come along.  We will provide you with Lyric sheets and we really are friendly. 


Q: I'd really like to come along but I'm not sure my singing is good enough?

A: we really do give anyone and everyone the opportunity to come along and sing and we will never refuse or deter anybody from singing.  Many of our current members had the same initial fear

Q: Where do you Rehearse? 

A: at The Bible Society, Stonehill Green, Swindon, SN5 7DG.   Term times Mondays 7:10pm to 9:10pm.  

Q: What does it cost to along to BST?   

A: You can always come along to BigSingThing, to see what its's all about, for £3 per session.  Once you are settled, the members fees are £15 due at the beginning of each half term.
Q: Can I bring my children with me?
A: No, sorry.  Due to the terms of our hire of the premises, we cannot allow under 18's
Q: Do I need to bring anything with me? 
A: No, we provide lyric sheets to new members; which, along with a smile, is all you need.  You can bring a drink of water if you wish, and some of our members record parts of rehearsal on their phones, or digital or cassette recorders, to help them to revise and learn the songs
Q: I'd love to come but it'd be difficult to get there: I don't have a car
A: while we don't have an official 'car share', we have lots of members and you'll probably be able to find someone to give you a lift. 
Q: Is there somewhere safe I can park my car?
A: yes, the premises include a large car park.  

Q: I have a different question that isn't covered by any of those above

A: please contact us and we will answer promptly, we're not perfect and something has probably been left out. 

Swindon Big Sing Thing, The Friendliest choir in Swindon.