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Welcome to our Comments page, below are some of the Comments made by the individuals that are Big Sing Thing Community Choir


I just wanted to say a big thank you. I loved all the songs as a newbie last Monday. I felt so welcomed. Can't wait to come this week!"
I've done something new and made new friends, I feel happy for ages after Monday's rehearsal
I luv the singing and the learning and light heartedness
I've made friends and grown in confidence, so much so I'm even doing a small group solo
it's given me a new found friendship and something to look forward to every week
I wanted to sing and liked you didn't need to audition
I knew no one when I moved to Swindon which was quite isolating.  It helps me feel like I'm part of Swindon.
I get a break from being a Mum
I had been singing in a church folk group  for years, and liked the idea of singing other (non religious) songs.


Swindon Big Sing Thing, The Friendliest choir in Swindon.